Are you are a junior thinking about your career path, or a recent graduate from a 2 or 4 year institution wondering if you will be able to get a job?  You may be like many higher-ed students  who graduate without practical work experience or the skills companies need for them to be effective in the job without significant on-the-job training. Consequently, it can be difficult for students to secure a high demand job upon graduation.

GreenFig’s microdegrees in applied business science offer higher-ed students the opportunity to quickly add the practical skills and work experience industry demands at a relatively low cost.

While GreenFig cannot guarantee employment after graduating with a microdegree, GreenFig works with the private sector to help connect graduates with qualified job openings.

Tip Sheet:  Download our Tip Sheet 4 Reasons Why a GreenFig Microdegree Makes Sense for Recent or Soon-to-be-Recent College Grads

Info Graphic: Check out our infographic on How to Bridge the Digital Marketing Talent Gap

“My experience with GreenFig played an important role in securing my first job with GroupOn. Everything I learned is relevant to what I do.”

Owen Buehler

Cornell University


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