Higher Education Partnerships

With the accelerating pace of change in the digital economy, it is a challenge for any institution to adapt to the rapidly changing workforce requirements needed by companies to compete and individuals to remain relevant.

GreenFig is uniquely positioned to keep our pulse on the changing business environment to rapidly develop relevant business science curriculum reflecting current and emerging business practices including new methodologies and software applications being used in business and by business to compete, win and evolve. Our technology and corporate partnerships extend our reach – a key to our accelerated skill development and applied learning model, and graduate placement.

Our superpowers – combined with yours – can be adapted to quickly bring capacity to market to add, enhance or extend your existing capacity.

  • Students benefit from high value and relevant business science curriculum, in demand software application certifications and applied learning models that prepare them for high demand jobs in marketing, sales, product, service and support.
  • Companies benefit from having access to high quality and relevant talent as well as programs to help them address the skills gap within their current workforce.
  • Your institution remains the fulcrum for workforce development in the communities you serve.

“The GreenFig team came well prepared and willing to work closely with our faculty and staff,” stated Dr. Robin Baker, president of George Fox University. “Our student participants felt the applied business science program, combined with an undergraduate degree, made them well-prepared to enter the workforce.”

For more information on our higher education partnership options please contact us at info@greenfig.net.



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