Organization Leaders

In your role as an executive and organization leader, you are continuously tasked with delivering competitive business performance in an environment of accelerating change driven by the digital economy. You understand that people – your talent – are your core sustainable advantage. And, this means that it is critical that you attract, develop and retain talent required to meet the needs of your business all while facing digital disruption and demand for rapid business growth.

How do you drive growth, build a qualified organization and rapidly evolve while inspiring your team and delivering a “delightful” customer experience? By hiring the right talent or training the teams you have.

GreenFig is your partner for both. Business Scientists are the way of the future; what was then will not work now especially with digital disruption, so evolving is a necessity. Business Scientists both understand and can act on business strategy, tactics and the technology sustaining your organization. They have the context and skills to make a relevant and meaningful impact for you and your business.

What does that mean to you as the leader? It means that you need to hire and develop Business Scientists with a focus on increasing speed to impact minimizing disruption to day-to-day work flow.

At GreenFig, we have two training options for you:

  1. National Applied Business Science Training: Send individuals or your entire team to attend GreenFig’s applied business science course. Our hybrid training model enables accelerated skill development and applied learning. We combine interactive live classroom, online and offline team-based learning with real-time instruction and feedback from industry executives. The Apprentorships hasten skill adoption and time to impact by applying new skills in a new environment with skin in the game delivery. The courses range in duration and timing but can easily be fit into your teams work schedule with a couple nights a week and one weekend day a month commitment, giving them skills they can apply on day one.
  2. Customized Training: GreenFig works with you and your leadership team, evaluates the team’s skill development needs and creates a training program specifically for you and your team. GreenFig’s instructors will come on-site to train and educate the team. This approach more rapidly aligns your broader team to new trends in business including familiarity with software solutions supporting their work as well as new methodologies and leading practices for strategic and tactical execution.

If these options don’t feel quite right, reach out at and together we will design and develop the right training program for your team, company and bottom line.

As for hiring talent, please contact us above to learn more about our student placement and corporate recruiting programs


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