A recent report by the World Economic Forum’s ‘Future of Jobs Report’, stated, “…across job types and geographies, some 35% of core skills required by occupations will change or be wholly new by the year 2020.”

The pace of change is accelerating – exponentially. To be successful and remain relevant, you need to commit to lifelong learning and skill development.

GreenFig’s microdegrees in applied business science offer professionals the opportunity to quickly adapt to rapidly changing industry requirements. Whether you want to change jobs or your career trajectory, return to the workforce after a life sabbatical, or are committed to remaining relevant and advancing in your current career, GreenFig microdegrees offer you the in-depth subject matter proficiency and the certifications industry demands from you to make this change.

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“What a privilege to be exposed to, and mentored by, actively working leaders in the tech industry so willing to share their expertise and encouragement. The course on Digital Marketing Science was the perfect complement to my MBA, providing me with a unique set of tools to add to my resume.”

Amber Caisse



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