Our History

A simple search of the jobsites such as indeed.com and glassdoor.com highlight the fact there are currently 1,000s of job openings for people who are knowledgeable in key business function areas and able to setup and manage business application software to support them.

To address this need, in early 2015, we created a pilot project under the name of BendPoly, located in Bend, Oregon. Over the summers of 2015 and 2016, we held 2 sessions where we successfully trained local and remote students – in digital marketing science – how to set up and use business application software such as Google Analytics, Marketo, and Salesforce.

Each session was 8 weeks in length and featured 5 weeks of classroom instruction. This instruction included hands-on application software training led by industry experts. For the final 3 weeks, teams of students were formed to develop real marketing campaigns for actual companies. The teams competed against each other and presented their outcomes to a panel of industry experts who acted as judges. The winning team was awarded the President’s trophy.

After completing the program, we were able to place a majority of the students actively seeking roles in marketing. We accomplished this in less than 1 year from the students completing the program.

As a result of the success of BendPoly, we elected to create a new company in 2017, GreenFig, designed to scale with an expanded scope of applied business science courses.


Bend Source Weekly:  Training the Future Workforce


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