GreenFig is a micro education company offering microdegrees in applied business science.

The 21st Century Workforce

To power the 21st century economy, industry and government organizations require a different type of skilled workforce, one that possesses “digital literacy”. The new workforce must understand how to capture and utilize customer, financial, market, and product data through the use of business application software. Participants in the 21st century workforce must become “business scientists”.

Business Scientists & Soft Machinery

Right brain. Left brain. Now you can use both. There is a rapidly emerging need for people with business science skills – business scientists. Business scientists are trained to capture, analyze and utilize customer, financial, market, and product data. They use their creative and critical thinking skills to operate “soft machinery” – business application software – supplied by companies such as: Google, IBM, Marketo, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP. These positions exist in companies of all sizes, across all industries, in all geographies.

GreenFig is a micro education company offering microdegrees in applied business science. GreenFig is complementary to a 2- or 4-year degree or graduate program and builds upon the foundation of a traditional degree by providing the practical skills that hiring companies are seeking.

GreenFig provides an experience that is unique. We combine real-time, hands-on instruction with market-leading business application software, mentorship from industry experts and practical experience on real projects with real companies – the kind you can put on your resume.

When you successfully complete GreenFig courses and tests, you earn a micro certificate of proficiency from industry-leading application software providers. These are recognized the world-over by industry and set you apart from the rest.

As a GreenFig graduate, you are prepared to enter the job market with a solid foundation in business science, application software skills and experience that is fresh and relevant. What does this mean for you? While GreenFig can’t guarantee job placement, we actively market our graduates to some of the most innovative companies. As a result, you are ready to be employed upon graduation with a great job, in a rewarding career.


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