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Michelle Weise: “We Need to Design the Learning Ecosystem of the Future”

Any useful statement about the future should at first seem ridiculous.”
—Jim Dator, futurist at University of Hawaii-Manoa

Here’s something ridiculous for you: Futurists and experts on aging and longevity are now suggesting that the first people to live to be 150 years old have already been born. That is a long time to live—and work. It’s almost unfathomable: Will the careers of the future last 80 or 100 years? Read More


Computer, Data-Science Skills Worth Extra Across Job Market, Analysis Finds

Many of the fastest-growing, highest-paying jobs require computer-science skills and the ability to work with data–but they aren’t programming jobs, and they don’t require a computer science degree. Read More


4 Emerging Job Roles In Marketing And Digital Experience

If getting a more interesting job, a fatter pay check, or both, is on your to do list for 2018, you may be in luck because the Age of the Customer is creating a wealth of new expectations and opportunities. Not only that, but with the job market being as tight as it is at the moment, employers will also have to do one of two things to hire talent — offer better salaries or provide the resources needed for under-qualified workers to add needed skill sets. Read More


The Importance of Liberal Arts In The AI Economy

I think the great artists adn great engineers are similar, in that they both have a desire to express themselves. In fact some of the best people working on the original Mac were poets and musicians on the side.” – Steve Jobs  Read More


Today’s College Students Aren’t Who You Think

As the Trump administration and congressional Republicans push a variety of higher-education paths, including more vocational options, we take a look at today’s college student population. Read More


Bend school wants to fill the digital business gaps

As the TAO’s Skip Newberry writes, the company offers training in digital tools that help recent college grads or re-training professionals secure the skills needed for in-demand jobs. Download Article


CMOs at the Wheel – How are today’s CMOs driving growth in the digital disruption age?

For this e-book from MarTech Today, contributors Erica Seidel and Nadine Dietz interviewed 11 CMOs from companies such as Belkin, GE Healthcare, Hilton, Oracle, GrubHub and more, with a simple goal: to showcase how leading chief marketing officers approach the critical tasks of team organization and talent development, all while facing digital disruption and demands for rapid business growth. Click Here


Demand For Digital Marketing Skills Doubles

Four in 10 marketing job openings now call for digital marketing skills, and the number of postings calling for digital skills has nearly doubled in the last five years. Read More


How Rural Students Define The American Dream

The belief that if a person works hard enough she can become financially successful, regardless of existing barriers to opportunity, is integral to the American mythos of meritocracy. But a 2011 Pew Charitable Trust poll found that many Americans—whether they are living in cities, small towns, or rural communities—share pessimism about upward mobility. Read More


Impatient With Colleges, Employers Design Their Own Courses

Scott Gordon had just arrived in his job as provost of Eastern Washington University when an alumnus approached him at a meet-and-greet in the Skyline Ballroom of Spokane’s Hotel RL. Read More


Deeper Collaboration Is the Answer to Higher Ed’s Challenges

We’re closer to the next recession than we are the last, a higher ed official recently reminded me. Indeed, while colleges and universities continue to struggle financially, the dark days of 2008 seem like a distant memory for most of them. Read More


Higher Education’s Top Stories of 2017

Many of the most-read stories of 2017 were actually not written in 2017 at all, which speaks a lot to the continuity in higher education over the last few years. Read More


Impatient with Colleges, Employers design their own courses

Scott Gordon had just arrived in his job as provost of Eastern Washington University when an alumnus approached him at a meet-and-greet in the Skyline Ballroom of Spokane’s Hotel RL. Read More


Is Higher Education Really Losing the Public? 

New public opinion data suggest that despite significant concerns about prices, most Americans believe a post-secondary education is essential.  Read More


A Lack of Social Tech Skills is Killing Your Company’s Potential

A lack of social tech skills is hurting corporate productivity. Here are three ways companies can teach employees social skills to elevate their brand. Read More


As Corporate World Moves Toward Curated ‘Microlearning,’ Higher Ed Must Adapt

Just outside the walls of the ivory tower, a transformation is underway in the world of corporate learning, and those of us at colleges and universities should pay attention.  Read More


Digitalization and the American Workforce

In recent decades, the diffusion of digital technology into nearly every business and workplace, also known as “digitalization,” has been remaking the U.S. economy and the world of work.  Read More


Paying for your college, 30 years ago vs. today

A combination of work, family support, and minimal debt once made a college degree obtainable. Now, this affordable college education is increasingly out of reach.  Read More


Why Flipped Learning Is Still Going Strong 10 Years Later

Ten years ago two Colorado chemistry teachers unleashed a brash concept on a K-12 landscape where few questioned the age-old formula of lecture, homework, assess, repeat. Read More


The Principles of Adult Learning are Everywhere!

I am currently doing a fitness challenge on Facebook. Each day we are required to respond to a daily assignment and post pictures of our workouts for points. So far, I have really enjoyed being a part of the challenge group and love when the weekly stats are posted and I’m in the lead! However, I do feel there is something missing…Read More


With emerging last-mile training programs, is college necessary?

My 11-year-old son Leo has a strange new obsession: the state of Connecticut. It started with a school project but has evolved to ordering Connecticut license plates online, a new favorite baseball team Read More


More Colleges Are Offering Microcredentials—And Developing Them The Way Businesses Make New Products

If 2012 was “The Year of the MOOC”—massive open online courses, usually offered for free—2017 could be “The Year of the Microcredential.” A growing number of elite colleges are offering short-form graduate and certificate programs that can be taken online for a fraction of the price of a traditional master’s. Read More


Learning innovation in the digital age

As the workplace changes, so must education and training. Exciting experiments are under way—but are they enough? Read More


Lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperative

THE RECEPTION AREA contains a segment of a decommissioned Underground train carriage, where visitors wait to be collected. Read More


Americans Are Cutting a Shorter and Cheaper Path to Decent Pay

Just because it’s becoming harder to get by in America on a high school diploma doesn’t mean a four-year college degree is the only ticket to a solid salary. Read More


Nearly Half of Companies Say They Don’t Have the Digital Skills They Need

The companies that think their employees’ digital IQs are unimportant are probably few and far between. Read More


5 Reasons Why Managers Need to Think Hard About the Skills Gap

Technology is changing everything faster than any of us could have imagined. Our jobs are just the tip of the iceberg. Read More


The Wall Street Journal – Liberal Arts Colleges, in Fight for Survival, Focus on Job Skills

With their students facing rising debt and pressure to land a job after graduation, colleges and universities are focusing less on the meaning of life and more on how to earn a living. Read More


Blame bad applicant tracking for the soft skills shortage at your company

One of my favorite metaphors is the guy who stumbles out of the bar late at night and can’t find his car keys. Read More






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