Program overview

GreenFig’s courses are designed to provide you with an exciting, immersive, hands-on learning experience teaching industry leading tactics while using business application software, and structured so you can go from little or no knowledge to subject matter in approximately 10 hours a week for 16 weeks.

You will work alongside your peers, collaborating and gaining skills many seasoned professionals, with decades of experience, don’t have.

At GreenFig, we combine each course with a resume-building project that allows you to apply the skills you learned in class in a real-world environment. Pass a proficiency exam at the end of the course and complete the project, then you will be awarded a microdegree in that area of applied business science. And your resume will move to the top of the pile.

“GreenFig bridges the gap between a college degree and effective preparation for a dynamic and changing work place. Our student participants felt the GreenFig program, combined with an undergraduate degree, made them well-prepared to enter the workforce.”

Dr. Robin Baker

President, George Fox University


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